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A well-maintained vehicle will give you years of enjoyment and help preserve a high resale value.  The best way to keep your vehicle and its finish looking its best is to wash and clean it regularly.  We recommend the use of PermaPlate Maintenance and Renewer products.  However, it is perfectly safe to use other retail automotive detailing products and waxes on your vehicle as they will not negatively affect the PermaPlate product applications or your PermaPlate product warranty*.


Wash your vehicle regularly

Hand wash (when possible)

Limit automatic car washes to touchless or soft touch systems

Park vehicle in covered areas where possible

We recommend the use of Paintguard® renewer or an automotive wax every 6 months or 7,500 miles


First, thoroughly rinse the vehicle to remove loose or heavy debris

Wash vehicle in sections, thoroughly rinsing with clean water before moving on to next section

Dry vehicle using a soft, clean cloth or chamois

For stubborn stains or debris, try using an automotive bug and tar remover


Application of products on a hot car surface
Dish soap and non-automotive soaps
Parking near sprinklers or under trees



Vacuum regularly 
Clean spills immediately
Clean Leather or vinyl regularly with damp, soft cloth
Where applicable, use mild leather cleaner to remove dirt

Restore surfaces by applying Leatherguard® Renewer every 3 months or as often as possible


Clean any dirt and debris to avoid build-up, which can advance interior damages
Blot liquid spills instead of wiping to prevent deep staining
Dilute stains with water prior to cleaning​

For stubborn stains, use Permaplate Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner or any automotive carpet and upholstery cleaner following the directions on the package


Harsh, abrasive or non-automotive cleaners
Solvent-based cleaners containing mineral spirits, bleach or ammonia
Placing heavy or sharp objects on the seat


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