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Evolved Training, Higher Returns...Guaranteed. 

9 out of 10 dealers fail to successfully train
their sales and finance departments.

The reason — they do not know how to implement an effective training system.

PermaPlate’s Evolution Training is a comprehensive, high energy and exclusive training strategy designed to produce:

Increased Profitability

An Improved Guest Experience

Skills and Confidence Building to Handle Any Closing Situation

Effective training requires these 3 key components:

Content that is engaging and relevant to today’s buying situations

Regular practice and role playing

Process to hold your teams accountable

Evolution Meetings
The centerpiece of the PermaPlate program, these
90-minute monthly meetings bring an atmosphere
of energy, motivation and team-based performance
improvement techniques. Performance is evaluated,
awards are presented to the top performers and best
practices are reviewed to drive home specific focus
Certification Course
2 or 3 day bootcamps targeted to new hires or as an
annual certification that focuses on proper sales or
F&I process. A recorded and graded final is included
for all participants.
Weekly Ranking Reports
What gets measured, gets improved. Compile and
distribute detailed ranking performance report to let
everyone know how they are stacking up.
Mastermind Roundtables
Monthly sit down with team members focusing on
underperformers to establish a network of support and
develop solutions.
1-on1 Development
Targeted working session to review performancestatistics and development opportunities.
PermaPlate Online
Access to finance and sales training on-demand providing
immediate training for new personnel.

“From claims handling, to customer service, PermaPlate has far exceeded my expectations. Signing business is one thing, but once the business is signed it is retained by how PermaPlate executes. Your exceptional staff and field team are second-to-none.”


Mike Fealey, Director F&I Administration

“I recently had the privilege to attend a PermaPlate F&I training class. Never have I enjoyed such a magnitude of viable, and usable information provided in a more entertaining and engaging format. Michael and Chris speak a language of knowledge and success that is relaxed and easy to duplicate. Whatever objection you most hate they will teach you to overcome. There wasn’t a question asked in the room that wasn’t treated with respect and answered with the utmost clarity, constantly allowing for maximum value and comprehension. 
They made my menu presentation very quick, painless, and effective. I applied the techniques learned in their class, starting with my very next client. I have since remained loyal to their process and have enjoyed a reduced presentation time, and increased gross profit. I would unequivocally recommend this training to F&I to any producer, new, or veteran, unless they do not want to make more money.”


Sarah Gallegos, Finance Manager

“A large part of our success is directly from your training and support. I have worked with many providers in the past 30 years. Your team is the best I have had the pleasure of working with.”


Scott Stanley, General Manager

PermaPlate Evolution Training

PermaPlate Evolution Training

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